16 december 2015

Column: A sustainable vision statement

When I ask my seven-year old son what he wants to be when he grows up, he tells me he wants to be a zookeeper. I wanted to become a banker, or a biologist. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were young? Pilot? Race car driver? Or a cleaner? I have never met anyone who wanted to become a cleaner when he or she was young. And yet I have 10,000 colleagues, all cleaners.

For many customers, cleaning is a source of dissatisfaction. When it’s clean, it is ok. Only few people realize that when the cleaner of the operation theatre in a hospital doesn’t deliver, the surgeon cannot operate. When the cleaner at a food manufacturer doesn’t deliver, food safety is in danger. Cleaners do an important job. This is the message I want to get across. Both for my colleagues and for society as a whole.

Naar aanleiding van de klimaattop schreef Sander Haas, marketing- en PR-manager van Asito, deze column: Winning that all-important internal support for your compelling vision helps discover the ‘why’ of your organisation. Lees zijn hele inspirerende woorden via deze link naar Communication Director.

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